Dan Mangan "Fool for Waiting" (video)

Dan Mangan 'Fool for Waiting' (video)
Dan Mangan has been returning to his troubadour roots as of late, sharing new songs like "Fool for Waiting" and "There Is No Such Thing as Wasted Love." Now, the former has been given the video treatment.
He says it isn't supposed to be shocking, but rather "it's meant to subtly convey how far we've come as a society in the last several decades."
The romantic storyline portrayed in the clip mimics Mangan's own family's experience.
"When I was fifteen, my mom took me out for dinner and informed me that our good family friend Liz would be moving in. I was raised in a very open-minded household and had never for a moment considered myself homophobic, but I completely freaked out," he explained in a statement. "I was terrified of being the kid in high school with the 'gay mom.' I stopped inviting people over. It took ages to tell my closest friends — to which (of course) they responded, 'Obviously, we figured it out. Who cares?' My mom's partner, whom she has since married and is still with, has become such a crucial part of my life that it's pretty much impossible to imagine our family without her."
As such, the clip celebrates love in all of its diverse forms, especially in the midst of a chaotic world.
Watch the video for "Fool for Waiting" below.