Dâm-Funk "Fix It"

Dâm-Funk 'Fix It'
Think you're better than Snoopzilla? Well, now's the time to put your money where your mouth is, as the rapper's 7 Days of Funk partner Dâm-Funk has just unearthed an old instrumental track called "Fix It" for you to do whatever the hell you want with it.

The track was uploaded to SoundCloud today (November 29), but Dâm-Funk reports that the song was tracked "sometime in the late '01's" using a drum machine and a pair of synths. The groove-heavy number is timeless electro-funk, naturally the dude's specialty, and has a simple clap rhythm snapping the smoked-out, late-night synth tones into place.

Did you want to sing on it? Rap on it? Chop that beat up? Whatever your call may be, Dâm-Funk's in support of it "as long as 'fellow artist & musicians' give me my 'credits' on the 'production & composing' of the joint."

"This is in the spirit of 'true giving,'" he continued, "not just nonchalantly yappin' & tweetin' about it & carryin' on."

You can stream or download the gifted number down below.

As for 7 Days of Funk's self-titled debut, it officially lands December 10 via Stones Throw Records.