Crooked Fingers

"Our New Favorite" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 9, 2012

Eric Bachmann is plenty busy with the Archers of Loaf reunion, but he still had time to drop a new album, Breaks in the Armor from his Crooked Fingers project last year. With the promotion cycle for the softer, folk-tinged disc still going strong, Crooked Fingers has offered up a tender video for album closer "Our New Favorite."

The clip stars a little girl dealing with her daily life, from the shock of pulling out a loose tooth from her bloody gums, to constructing a pretty kick-ass bubble beard in the bath. Things get a little sombre on a walk in the woods, though, when she digs up some discarded family photos (whether they're of her brood is unclear, but besides the point).

Watch her do some serious soul searching to Bachmann's rustic, acoustic score below.

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