Corn on Macabre The Final Chapter

It seems everything about horror grind maniacs Corn of Macabre was brief — their existence, their recorded output, the length of their nail in the coffin DVD — but they make up for the lack of quantity with quality. The Final Chapter features two music videos — "You're Okay, I'm Undead" and "Pteradactyl Shutdown" (low budget and quality at best, with themes quite obvious from their titles) — but it's their barely 15-minute-long Krazyfest 2002 performance that's the hook of this DVD. Despite the mediocre audio quality, an early start time and lots and lots of tuning, it's a chance to see Corn's unhinged frantic avant-grind noise in a live setting. And, not surprisingly, it confuses the hell out of all in attendance. The most self-indulgent band extra makes an appearance here (the performance audio commentary) but since it's mostly anecdotal (running out of gas on the way to the fest, being attacked by ticks, etc.), it works fairly well. Other extras include a complete performance history, an unfocused "behind the scenes" montage, and a photo gallery. It may be a fitting eulogy to an absurd yet talented band, but, like everything they were involved with, you wish it was longer. (Magic Bullet,