Cock Sparrer

Here We Stand

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jun 22, 2009

Yes, you've heard this album before. No, not in such a configuration. Originally released in 2007, Here We Stand is the sixth Cock Sparrer record in a paltry 33 years. Mixed by Rancid's Lars Frederiksen, this affair broke ten years of silence from one of the original punk guard and a band credited with inspiring the oi movement. However, for whatever reason, it was only brought into North America as an import until Revelation intervened. Now, this 14-track album finally sees a proper domestic release and is treated to updated packaging, remastering, the original intended sequence and a bonus DVD. While already heralded as one of their finer albums thanks to an adherence to the formative elements of first generation punk - simplistic rhythms, driving bottom end and raucous vocals - when revisited in this fashion, new life emits from already-primal tracks such as "So Many Things," "Too Late" and "Last Orders." Upbeat, stern and driving, Here We Stand proves that old dogs have some of the best tricks.
(Pirate Press)

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