The Clean's 'Anthology' Gets 4-LP Vinyl Reissue

The Clean's 'Anthology' Gets 4-LP Vinyl Reissue
Merge Records treated Kiwipop masters the Clean to an Anthology more than a decade ago, and now, as part of the label's 25th anniversary celebrations, it is fitting the CD compilation with a deluxe vinyl reissue.

While the prior edition was made up of two CDs, the newly revealed vinyl package, due out July 15, contains a whopping four LPs. It consists of the debut single "Tally Ho!" (along with a couple of rare single cuts), the EPs Boodle Boodle Boodle (1981) and Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So-so Sounds So-so, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds Rotten (1982), and selections from the full-length albums Vehicle (1989), Modern Rock (1994) and Unknown Country (1996).

The set is available to order here, either with or without a T-shirt. It's also still available on CD or digitally for those who are so inclined.

If you've been meaning to finally lose yourself in the wild and wonderful world of the Clean — or replace your old CD copy — here's your shot.


1. Tally Ho
2. Platypus
3. Billy Two
4. Thumbs Off
5. Anything Could Happen
6. Sad Eyed Lady
7. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
8. Fish
9. Flowers
10. Side On
11. Slug Song
12. Beatnik
13. End Of My Dream
14. On Again / Off Again
15. At The Bottom
16. Getting Older
17. Scrap Music
18. Whatever I Do It's Right
19. Two Fat Sisters (Live)
20. Odditty
21. Quickstep (Live)
22. At The Botom (Live)
23. Drawing To A Hole
24. I Wait Around
25. The Blue
26. Someone
27. Big Soft Punch
28. Diamond Shine
29. Big Cat
30. Outside The Cage
31. Safe In The Rain
32. Secret Place
33. Do Your Thing
34. Linger Longer
35. Too Much Violence
36. Trapped In Amber
37. Psychedelic Ranger
38. Late Last Night
39. Ludwig
40. Wipe Me, I'm Lucky
41. Franz Kafka At The Zoo
42. Clutch
43. Balkans
44. Indigo Blue
45. Chumpy
46. Twist Top