"Jet" / "In the Middle of It All" (Acoustic) on No Future

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jun 14, 2018

Citizen have never been a band to sit still, growing from their aggressive pop-punk roots into a fusion of emo, grunge and other alt influences over their near-decade as a band. Fortunately, we got vocalist Matt Kerekes and guitarists Nick Hamm and Ryland Oehlers to stay stationary to play acoustic versions of "Jet" and "In the Middle of It All" for our No Future YouTube channel.

"Jet" makes it clear why the band chose it as the lead single from As You Please, with undeniable hooks emanating from the acoustic guitars.

The titular refrain (and repeating hook) of "In the Middle of It All" feels much more natural here, shedding the effects of the album version for Kerekes' falsetto.

The already-vulnerable tunes feel even more so here, accompanied by the moody lighting to match.

Check out the stripped-down takes in the players below.

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