Cindy Lee

What's Tonight to Eternity

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Feb 11, 2020

After Women disbanded a decade ago, the Calgary noise rock outfit's rhythm section decided to further explore their brawnier persuasions under the moniker Preoccupations (after a detour), while vocalist/guitarist Patrick Flegel moved into more exploratory sounds as Cindy Lee.
Flegel's fourth LP, What's Tonight to Eternity, shows the Toronto musician throwing aside all preconceived notions to craft something diverse, genre-less and potent. Across the nine-song/42-minute LP, Flegel runs the sonic gamut, leaving behind zero regard for a uniform sound, style or even structure.
Opener "Plastic Raincoat" comes off as an ethereal mood piece, featuring Flegel's beautifully strained vocals, while "I Want You to Suffer" adds in an extended Sonic Youth-ish guitar breakdown mid-song. "One Second to Toe the Line" is a jagged toy piano ditty until it decides not to be; "Lucifer Stand" melds a synth-laden space rocker with a closing spoken word sample; and "Just for Loving You I Pay the Price" is a barely-there, echo-laden noir ballad.
On What's Tonight to Eternity, Cindy Lee show off their mighty range while somehow managing to sound like a perfectly constructed, singular vision.

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