Chromeo Bissell Park, Elora ON, August 20

Chromeo Bissell Park, Elora ON, August 20
Photo: Britney Townsend
An undeniable electricity courses through the music of Chromeo, but it somehow wasn't enough to keep the stage power on during the opening of their headlining set, with a storm knocking the lights and gear out not far into "Come Alive."
"I didn't pay my hydro bill this month and this is how they're getting back at me," vocalist David 'Dave 1' Macklovitch joked, while multi-instrumentalist Patrick 'P-Thugg' Gemayel ordered the dampened audience through his talkbox to scream as loud as they could.
With the power restored and stage hands carefully wiping down the duo's collection of gear with towels every song break, the two-piece wasted no time in turning the party out with "Bonafied Lovin," "Sexy Socialite" and "Fancy Footwork" — the latter receiving a massive bass boost in comparison to its recorded version.
Thankful that no one had been "electro-funk-cuted" as of yet, Macklovitch asked for leniency from the security guards in allowing the audience to hop on each other's shoulders for "Over Your Shoulder," which saw the duo step front stage to show off some harmony-laden leads on their reflective chrome guitars.

Proving that a little rain never hurt anyone, the duo's electro-funk remained as slick and sexy live as it is on record.