Chipotle Sues Frank Ocean for Backing Out of Commercial

Chipotle Sues Frank Ocean for Backing Out of Commercial
Frank Ocean has announced that he'll be taking part in a new collaborative single for Converse, but it turns that he has a slightly rocky history when it comes to corporate gigs. Restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill has reportedly slapped Ocean with a lawsuit after a planned advertisement went awry.

The suit alleges that Ocean agreed to sing a version of the Willy Wonka song "Pure Imagination" in an animated ad for Chiptole. The singer apparently backed out when he saw the final cut of the commercial and discovered that it prominently included a company logo. The initial version of the spot made no reference of Chipotle, and it seems that Ocean believed this to be an intentional part of the campaign.

The restaurant reportedly paid him an advance of $212,500 (half of the total deal of $425,000), and Ocean never gave it back. The company ended up getting Fiona Apple to sing for the campaign. Watch the final product below.

Read the suit over at The Hollywood Reporter.

In related news, the singer, whose real name is Christopher Edwin Breaux, is legally changing it to Frank Ocean, according to TMZ.

UPDATE: From the looks of a Tumblr post, it appears Ocean has paid back the advance to Chipotle, but he doesn't seem very happy about it. The memo on the cheque to the company reads: "FUCK OFF."