!!! "And Anyway It's Christmas"

!!! 'And Anyway It's Christmas'
If the glut of dreary Christmas carols has got you down, funk-lovers !!! are offering an alternative to slow-rollers like "Silent Night" with a sexy seasonal groover called "And Anyway It's Christmas," which will soon arrive on a new 7-inch.

Ribbon-wrapped in disco-fied rhythms, the track plays out cheeky, à la "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and finds vocalist Nic Offer talking smooth about his ladyfriend's ugly Xmas sweater in order to snag a smooch under the mistletoe. "Nothing feels quite like a kiss does, and anyway it's Christmas," he pleads, as backed by a chorus of similarly steamy voices.

"We've always wanted to write an Xmas song, but wanted it to be good enough and not just something like 'it's a disco christmas' or whatever. It had to be a good song to start with," Offer said in a statement. "We came up with this groove and it just felt Christmassy to us. Hopefully, you'll see fit to play at holiday dance parties for years to come."

Honestly, that kind of sounds like a dig at other danceable December favourites like "Simpsons Christmas Boogie," but we'll let it slide in the name of holiday spirit.

The "And Anyway It's Christmas" 7-inch will arrive on December 10 via Warp Records. It comes with a "Dubmix" on the B-side, but it's limited to 100 copies, so you may want to order one up here.

For now, check out the track below with some seasonally appropriate visuals.