The Chemical Brothers "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted" (video)

The Chemical Brothers 'Sometimes I Feel So Deserted' (video)
It's quite possible that you'll never be as thirsty for the Chemical Brothers as the dust-covered drifter that stars in the duo's new video for Born in the Echoes single "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted." You'll see what we mean after watching her tense, life-or-death travelogue.

We're not sure if the figure twisted her ankle poppin' off t-steps at a Chemical Brothers concert the night before, but she's looking pretty rough at the start of the clip. It gets even weirder when she stops by an isolated gas pump and fuels up via her tracheotomy slit.

There's also chase scene, survival-style self-mutilation, and a messy, energy-absorbing assault to behold, all of this being scored by the agitated and uneasily building dance beat. We'll let the visuals fill you on the rest of the story.

You can watch the video down below.