Chance the Rapper to Star in Feature Film

Chance the Rapper to Star in Feature Film
Chance the Rapper is well on his way to becoming Chance the Actor. Having starred in the film Mr. Happy a few months back, the Chicago MC has taken on another acting role, this time in a film called Slice.

Chance will star in the feature-length flick as a character named Dax. Slice is written and directed by Austin Vesely — who also directed the Social Experiment's video for "Sunday Candy" — and the synopsis on IMDb is as follows: "When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: Ghosts? Drug dealers? A disgraced werewolf?"

Although the bloody-looking drips on the movie poster are a little gory, it's listed as a comedy, so evidently it won't be too scary.

The film isn't expected out until next year, but The Fader points out that it already has its own Instagram account. Above is an illustration of Chance in the role of Dax; it seems that the rapper is credited as his given name, Chance Bennett.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen when Chance the Rapper will release new music. He and the Social Experiment recently released their album Surf, although horn player Donnie Trumpet got primary billing. Chance previously suggested that more albums would be coming, but when recently queried by Rolling Stone about the possibility of new solo album, he said, "That's a good question. Let's say I don't know."

See Chance's live performance schedule at his website.