Cat Power to Get Back to Her Solitary Roots on New LP

Cat Power to Get Back to Her Solitary Roots on New LP
Though we're still no closer to a new Cat Power album, it's definitely shaping up to be a more intimate affair. Sure, The Greatest and Jukebox found Chan Marshall stepping up her soul-singer game, but some of that early magic dissipated once the singer gave control of the music to a bluesy backing band. Thankfully, for fans of her fragile beginnings, Marshall is ready to do things on her own again.

An interview with Rolling Stone reveals that Cat Power is planning on playing everything on her new album, which as of yet has no title or release date.

"I think I was inspired by being disappointed in myself that I'd just been holding the microphone and I was disappointed in myself that I hadn't been playing an instrument," she said.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that she will abandon the fuller, Delta blues revival feel of her most recent work, we're hoping the new sessions prove to be a bit more naked and skeletal. A cross-bones style, if you will.

Regardless, Marshall is looking forward to reconnecting with her musicianship.

"I think I wanted to prove to myself that I could try to create a relationship with it again and feel like I felt close to it. It's definitely there and it's a need, but it hasn't been around."

Cat Power was recently in Las Vegas playing as part of Matador Records' anniversary party.