Carly Rae Jepsen Confirms 'The Loneliest Time' B-Sides Collection Featuring Rostam

It's called 'The Loveliest Time'

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 6, 2023

The prolific Carly Rae Jepsen has a habit of writing so many good songs that she's left forced to painstakingly whittle down to a reasonable album length. Unless she decides to go the King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard route (I can't say I would complain), we can expect the pop star to keep loving a good ol' B-sides collection.

Jepsen has been teasing a B-sides accompaniment to her 2022 album, The Loneliest Time, pretty much since she put it out, telling The Ringer that she was trying to narrow down the tracklist from a whopping 65 songs last year. Now, the singer-songwriter has confirmed that the collection — entitled The Loveliest Time — is a real thing in the works, and Rostam contributed his magic to it.

The producer quoted a tweet from a CRJ fan page that included a recent interview clip of Jepsen sharing the B-sides album's title, adding that he worked on two of the tracks.

"The two we did for The Loveliest Time have BPMs," Rostam hinted, "get ready to dance."
UPDATE (6/7 11:44 a.m. ET): Jepsen has announced that The Loveliest Time will be released in a month. She posted a lengthy Instagram caption pertaining to it, writing:

It's been the loneliest time, it's been the loveliest time.

After a season of hibernation comes the season of blossoming. I got to know loneliness and discover the beauty in it. The loneliest time taught me that growth comes from being planted in darkness. But now the world has opened itself back up again and in turn so have we. It's time for celebration and for all the lessons we have learned to burst into joyful action.
The Loveliest Time

At this point you know me so well that I won't even tease about a b sides. It's almost disrespectful because you know that it's coming. And in fact this is the time to announce that it's here. It's done and a month from now
The Loveliest Time
will be all yours. I can't really call it a b sides as if these were cast off ideas — it's the completed set to a body of work that taught me so much about love and loneliness and myself.

So let the countdown begin. Thank you for your continued support. Always x



This puts the release of Jepsen's new single "Shy Boy" in greater context, as it could very well be a cut from the B-sides collection. The production on it definitely sounds similar to some of the stuff on The Loneliest Time!

"It's sort of the completion to The Loneliest Time," she said of the new project during the interview. "I had these fantasies that I wanted to put to song about what it would be like when the world opened up and we could travel again and fall madly in love and live life like it's an adventure. So I'm really looking forward to this next project, because it does feel like the complete set to what started as the loneliest time."

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