Busty and the Bass

"Tryna Find Myself" on Exclaim! TV

BY Nadia RompasPublished Aug 12, 2015

Busty and the Bass have come a long way from electrifying small house parties in Montreal to being named "Canada's top university band" by the CBC in 2014. Conceived during their first week at McGill University, the nine-piece have a reputation for producing sonically elaborate electro-soul and hip-hop music channelled into infectious, high-energy live performances. They released a self-produced debut EP titled GLAM in June, available via Indica Records, and are already preparing for an upcoming fall tour just weeks after finishing their "Busty Summer Tour" in July.

When the collective stopped by Toronto, we invited them to film a special session for Exclaim! TV, where they performed "Tryna Find Myself." With the members occupying every inch of space in our snug backyard, their live reputation became visible as Nick Ferraro's passionate, smooth vocals sailed over trumpets, trombone, saxophone and voice-changing synths, all of which boosted their unique sound.

Watch the electrifying performance below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan, Roberto Granados-Ocon and Branan Ranjanathan
Audio by Kyle Laurin
Edited by Katherine Kwan

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