Buried Inside


BY Greg PrattPublished Dec 1, 2004

Full-length number three for this Ottawa five-piece hardcore/metal band finds them suitably at home on Relapse. On Chronoclast, Buried Inside actually manages to do a few new and interesting things within the metallic hardcore realm. First off, the damn thing plays as one continuous song, although it’s not as oppressive to listen to as that sounds. It is clearly ten separate tracks, but they flow together without a break in the sound, creating a wonderful listening experience. The band draws heavily from an old, forgotten genre of hardcore once played by bands such as Portraits of Past and Bleed: manic and sincere, with ebbs and flows galore. A modern day comparison could perhaps be label-mates Uphill Battle, but Buried Inside has a more epic feel. While some parts maintain an end time, Isis-like feel, the band really excels when the screaming chaos cuts in. The fact that Chronoclast is a concept album only adds to the cinematic flow: the beautifully designed booklet guides the listener through the theme of time and how it is used in society as a tool of oppression. Matt Bayles’ production sound is just as perfect as his work with Mastodon and Slayer. With lots of quotes and art to enjoy in the booklet, the package is complete. Chronoclast is a winner.

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