Buried Inside Suspect Symmetry

This Ottawa band has certainly gone all out with this release, and the high quality of the presentation and material should have hardcore kids talking shit about them on message boards by the end of the summer. They certainly have attained an awesome sounding collection of tunes here, made all the more powerful by the mastering talents of Alan Douches, the man responsible for bringing out the best in the majority of East Coast noise/metal/hardcore releases of the past few years. The layout of the booklet sports a creative design and the use of that crazy textured paper adds to the sensory experience. The music this quartet ply is a bit jumbled; you can tell that about a year or so ago these guys were probably playing a more conventional style of metalcore (i.e., Hatebreed). Somewhere along the line someone in the band brought in a few riffs that were reminiscent of Dillinger, Poison The Well and Shai Hulud, and it would appear that they went back and rewrote some of their older songs, wrote a few new ones and developed a new lease on life. They're still a bit green, which you can hear in the way that some of their transitions aren't as smooth as they could be, but when all is said and done, this is top of the line stuff. (Cyclop)