Broken Social Scene's Sam Jr. Shares Sebastien Grainger Remix

"You Lock the Door I Broke the Window (King Sebby Remix)" is the duo's latest collaboration

Photo: Tess Parks

BY Kayla HigginsPublished Jun 9, 2022

Fresh off the debut of his self-titled LP, Broken Social Scene's Sam Jr. (a.k.a. Sam Goldberg Jr.) has collaborated with Sebastien Grainger of Death from Above 1979 to remix the album's lead single, "You Lock the Door I Broke the Window."

The duo have paired up in the past, but this is their first time collaborating in recent years. With all due credit to King Sebby's thumbs-up emoji, the single sees the production dialled up to 100, with booming percussion further amplifying the fuzzy psychedelic rock anthem.

"We decided 'You Lock the Door You Broke the Window' was best suited [to remixing,] as it has a lot of fun elements like cowbells and saxophones with a nice grooving beat," Goldberg said in a statement.

The singer-songwriter originally released the single in October last year, and Sam Jr. arrived via Arts & Crafts this past March.

Listen to the remix below.


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