Broken Bricks' Luke Kuplowsky Announces Solo Album as LUKA

Broken Bricks' Luke Kuplowsky Announces Solo Album as LUKA
Luke Kuplowsky first came onto the scene as a member of Toronto rock act Broken Bricks, and he's more recently gone solo for an album under the moniker LUKA. It's under this name that he will release Calling All Cats Black on November 12 through the newly minted non-profit label Fat Fat Sounds.

While Kuplowsky's work with Broken Bricks was often upbeat and electrified, a press release calls his new solo LP as LUKA a "gorgeously dark album of introspective folk." He apparently arrived at this style after spending the last year or two dabbling in "lo-fi vocoder drone and dissonant sample-pop."

Calling All Cats Black will be available digitally and on vinyl. Below, check out a video shadowy video for the hushed, atmospheric acoustic ballad "Ghost."

Kuplowsky said in a statement, "The impetus for this project arrived from a personal place, and as a means to make sense of certain experiences. I would be hesitant to describe it as a confessional mode, as song-writing, for me, tends to smudge the clarity of remembrance. It's more like a double vision, where reality and fiction are intertwined."

Additional solo material can be streamed over at LUKA's Bandcamp page.