Britney Spears' New Lawyer Files to Remove Her Father from Conservatorship

Mathew Rosengart has called the current arrangement a "Kafkaesque nightmare"
Britney Spears' New Lawyer Files to Remove Her Father from Conservatorship
Britney Spears' newly appointed lawyer has filed a petition to remove her father as the conservator of the 39-year-old pop star's estate, which amounts to roughly $60 million USD.

Mathew Rosengart requested on Monday (July 26) that the court remove Jamie Spears and replace him with CPA Jason Rubin as overseer of Spears' finances. The petition will be discussed at a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court scheduled for September 29, Judge Brenda Penny said [via Reuters].

In new court filings, Rosengart called the current conservatorship a "Kafkaesque nightmare" that has become "increasingly toxic and no longer tenable."

Previously, Spears called her 13-year conservatorship abusive and cruel, claiming that she has been forced to perform and take medication against her will, including an IUD that she is not permitted to remove. In previous statements and court filings, her father has denied Spears' allegations of mistreatment.

Rosengart called the proposed removal of Jamie Spears an "initial narrow step" that may be followed by a bid to dissolve the conservatorship entirely.

Spears' fight to regain control of her finances and health gained major traction following the February release of the documentary Framing Britney Spears and explosive public testimony by the singer in June of this year.

Since then, there has been a groundswell of support from fans and fellow stars alike under the hashtag #FreeBritney. Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and more have spoken out in support of the singer.