Breather Resist / Suicide Note Breather Resist / Suicide Note

An impressive two-disc split digi-pak release from two of the underground’s ones to watch, the Breather Resist/Suicide Note split is definitely a case of quality over quantity. Although featuring a separate disc for each band, the discs contains only three songs from Breather Resist and four from Suicide Note, and only whet the appetite for more from each. The Breather Resist disc features "Rock n’ Mass,” "Bad With Dates” and "Working Title,” and while resplendent in their controlled bedlam (with nods to Botch, the National Acrobat and Coalesce), they seem more upbeat and slightly catchier than the methodical pummelling of their upcoming Charmer full-length for Jade Tree, with "Working Title” being the standout. Suicide Note’s disc feature two originals ("Trigger,” "How Not To Care”) and two Didjits covers ("Max Wedge,” "(Mama Had A) Skull Baby”). While "Trigger” and "How Not To Care” are strong, but not standout, S-Note songs (noisy, cynical metallic hardcore with melody and a rock aesthetic), it’s their cover of the Didjits’ "Max Wedge” that entertains the most. With new records set to drop from both groups, this split serves as a tasty, if too short, appetiser. (Hawthorne Street)