Botch 61502

Documenting one of aggressive music’s finest last stands, this greatest hits DVD pulls out the typical stops when it comes to performance DVD formatting. Their hometown crowd reacts maniacally the second Botch burst into their set, maintaining this feverish pace throughout the show, including a crowd surfing fan dressed in a gorilla costume. A couple questionable cameras and a cut-happy editor make for some slight frustration but the crisp sound and tight performance make up for both shortcomings. The best feature of this disc is the snarky band commentary, lending insight into both the songs and their perspective, in addition to providing plenty of gut-busting shots, humbly mocking themselves and their music while occasionally poking fun at others. The bonus content includes five songs from a performance in Bellingham in 2000 shot entirely from the side of the stage, as well as a video for "St. Matthew Returns to the Womb,” which is essentially a low-budget montage of various live performances, and an accompanying CD of the live set. Die-hards: get on this. (Hydrahead,