Botch American Nervoso

Almost ten years after it was initially released, American Nervoso is not only still relevant but it’s absolutely crucial to modern metal and hardcore. As any dedicated fan can tell you, this is where legions of lemmings took their cues. Botch were one of few that had the power to simultaneously evoke violent compulsions, making you want to dance and flail like a rabid hardcore kid on crack, while instilling a sense peacefulness and contentment that comes from knowing there were bands this innovative and talented amongst the sometimes disheartening masses of mediocrity. Remixed and remastered, technology a decade later has improved upon what once seemed flawless, adding depth and clarity to their already crushing full-length debut. If your original copy hasn’t been worn out from extensive play, three demos, along with a couple extended mixes, might pique interest but aren’t really enough for those who cherish this record to buy it again. Some may question the need to re-release this but considering the current scene’s overload of assembly line bands, it’s essential the newest generation be exposed to genuine artistry. (Hydra Head)