Boris and Merzbow Detail 'Gensho'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Jan 21, 2016

It may be coming a bit later than fans would have hoped, but rock experimentalists Boris and extreme noise masochist Merzbow have revealed all the details behind their next collaborative album, Gensho. While it had originally been slated to land sometime in February via Relapse Records, the collection is now primed to drop as a double CD or quadruple LP on March 18.

As previously reported, the epic 150-minute studio set comes in the wake of Boris and Merzbow's 2014 Boiler Room performance. While Gensho has been arranged to have Boris's contributions on one disc and Merzbow's on the other, it's being encouraged to listen to both simultaneously. Don't feel bound by this, though, as it's added: "Of course you can enjoy both albums separately, as a separate work."

A new press release has now revealed that Boris have prepped "percussion-less reinventions of classic tracks" from throughout their career. This includes redos of "Farewell," originally from 2005's Pink; "Rainbow," from their 2006 collaborative LP with Michio Kurihara; and their cover of My Bloody Valentine's "Sometimes," which had first been found on the Yellow Loveless tribute album.

Merzbow (a.k.a. veteran sound designer Masami Akita) has composed all-new material for Gensho.

Before the album arrives in full, the artists are previewing a live video for the collection's "Huge"/"Planet of the Cows," as well as an album trailer. You'll find both, as well as Gensho's trackisting, down below.


Disc one:

1. Boris - "Farewell"
2. Boris - "Huge"
3. Boris - "Resonance"
4. Boris - "Rainbow"
5. Boris - "Sometimes"
6. Boris - "Heavy Rain"
7. Boris - "Akuma No Uta"
8. Boris - "Akirame Flower"
9. Boris - "Vomitself"

Disc two:

1. Merzbow - "Planet of the Cows"
2. Merzbow - "Goloka Pt.1"
3. Merzbow - "Goloka Pt.2"
4. Merzbow - "Prelude to a Broken Arm"

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