Boris and Merzbow Team Up for New Album '2R0I2P0'

Hear them collide on the record's first track "Away from You"
Boris and Merzbow Team Up for New Album '2R0I2P0'
Boris and Merzbow are once again joining forces. The Japanese noise titans will be releasing their latest collaborative album, 2R0I2P0, on December 11 via Relapse.

The record marks their first collaboration since 2016's Gensho. According to a press release, "The 10-track album showcases every bit of the excitement and pulse-pounding rock and metal heard throughout the inimitable, expansive Boris catalog, as it meets the signature harsh noise and soundscapes of the equally prolific Merzbow."

Right now, you can get a taste of that by checking out album opener "Away from You" down below.

If that title 2R0I2P0 is at all confusing, it does indeed translate to "Twenty Twenty R.I.P."

As Boris explained in a statement, "This year was a period of trial for everyone in the world. This work becomes a monument to the requiem of the previous era. From here, a new world begins again."  


1. Away From You
2. To The Beach
3. Coma
4. Love
5. Absolutego
6. Journey
7. Uzume
8. Evol
9. Boris
10. Shadow Of Skull

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