Bleeding Through The Truth

Bleeding Through’s fourth full-length, second as part of the trend-savvy, largely uninspired Trustkill roster, manages to not quite live up to the overwhelming hype, while nonetheless qualify as a generally respectable release. Bleeding Through have returned to the more melodious, hardcore-inspired stomp of 2002’s Portrait Of The Goddess, while pushing ahead with the more structured and metallic songwriting of label debut This Is Love, This Is Murderous. Vocalist Brendan Schiepatti’s increased clean vocal ability is the most notable shift in approach on The Truth — while still occasionally grating and contrived, it is an undeniable improvement. The same goes for drummer Derek Youngsma, who has tightened up considerably (no doubt the result of their incessant touring schedule) and grown considerably more tasteful and unique, stylistically speaking. The original Bleeding Through formula is still in effect: thrash-y riffs, burly mosh, black metal keyboards and tough-guy vocals that is just a tad more streamlined and commercialised, which will no doubt lose them a handful of listeners. Additionally, all hope of the group transcending the off-putting and much maligned "fashioncore” label (largely due to Schiepatti’s earlier tenure with Eighteen Visions) and gaining critical respectability is now lost. That being said, swallow your pride and pick this one up: a good metal record is a good metal record, eyeliner or not. (Trustkill)