Black Sabbath Never Say Die

Originally released in Europe during the '80s, this is the first North American release of the Never Say Die concert video on DVD. Recorded live at London's Hammersmith Odeon during the last days of the original Sabbath, it is an interesting look into a band on its last legs. After Ozzy decided to quit the band momentarily in 1977, Tony Iommi became the de facto leader, something this concert showcases well. Instead of having Ozzy centre stage like most bands would, guitarist Iommi is the centre of attention and Osbourne is off to the left-hand side of the stage. It's ridiculous to watch, but egos and enough cocaine will do that to anyone. Regardless, the band puts on a great show that draws highlights from their first eight (and best) albums. Mixing in newer material such as "Never Say Die," "Dirty Women" and "Rock n Roll Doctor" with the expected ("War Pigs," "Paranoid," "Black Sabbath"), it's too bad that more material from the heavily underrated Never Say Die album isn't included — "Johnny Blade" would make my year. Even though no extras are included, it's definitely worth it for the die-hard Sabbath fan, and it's also now mixed in 5.1. Extras: none. (Sanctuary/EMI)