Björk Shares New "Blissing Me" Remixes

The updated versions of the 'Utopia' single feature Arca and serpentwithfeet
Björk Shares New 'Blissing Me' Remixes
With Björk's Utopia now among us, she's treated her "Blissing Me" single to a pair of new remixes.

The first updated version of "Blissing Me" comes with a little help from serpentwithfeet, while another new version of the track features Utopia collaborator Arca, who's helped create a new "Harp Version" of the song. Yes, harp, not flute.

You can hear both new remixes of "Blissing Me" for yourself down below.

As previously reported, Björk is plotting a live version of Utopia, with the artist hoping to capture the upcoming concert effort early this spring.