Björk Responds to Fans Getting Upset over Arca Appearing in Her New Video

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Dec 19, 2017

Yesterday (December 18), Björk delivered a new video for Utopia opener "Arisen My Senses," in which she acts out her own rebirth. Her album co-producer Arca was also heavily featured in the clip, though some fans apparently didn't take to his appearance too kindly.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the producer responded to naysayers, writing: "so many comments from ppl [sic] saying i should stay away from björk, ruined the arisen video by appearing or whatever .. when i've clicked thru to ur profiles i've only found faces that look sweet, soft body language and tender eyed selfies! to you: i send a soft kiss back."

Björk then replied with a statement of her own, reminding listeners that collaborator Mark Bell also appeared in her video for her 2007 single "Declare Independence."

"I am surprised why some of my fans have a difficulty with this," she wrote. " I wonder why and ask them to be open minded to the complexities of musical union between generations and different sexual orientations. Making this video with Jesse Kanda was a precious signage for us to recognize collaborations across all those."

Find their tweets below.

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