Kelly Clarkson Shocked to Learn How "Björk" Is Actually Pronounced

"Laufey" is pretty tricky to say, too

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 28, 2024

If you come from anywhere other than Iceland, chances are that you pronounce Björk's name like it rhymes with "pork." That's not how to say it correctly, however, and pop star turned TV host Kelly Clarkson recently had her mind blown by learning the real pronunciation.

The lesson came courtesy of Icelandic jazz revivalist Laufey, who appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week (June 26). In a very funny behind-the-scenes video released by the show, Laufey tries to teach Clarkson how to say her own name — which is pronounced with a "v" sound rather than an "f," as well as a vowel sound that we don't use in most dialects of English.

When Laufey reassures Clarkson that it's okay for the host to get it a bit wrong, much like English speakers mispronounce Björk (which is more like byuschk). Rather than finding this comforting, however, Clarkson is horrified to learn that she's been getting Björk's name wrong all these years.

In the end, they agree to have Clarkson mouth the word while Laufey says her own name. "I've never lip-synced in my whole life. This is my first time ever to do this," Clarkson says.

Watch the exchange below, and prepare to have your own discussions about Björk forever changed. Read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Lauvey here.

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