Listen to Olof Dreijer's Remix of Björk and Rosalía’s “Oral”

A new take on the duo's anti-fish farming anthem

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 10, 2024

The Knife's Olof Dreijer has shared his remix of Björk and Rosalía's "Oral," which the pair released last year to support the fight against environmentally dangerous salmon-farming operations in Iceland. It was one of our favourite songs of 2023.

In a statement about the remix, Björk wrote, "i am so extremely thrilled that olof dreijer was up for remixing my song ... i have been dj-ing his songs and remixes last couple of years nonstop so incredible to find mine and rosalía voices in that exact same environment !"

"I had a lot of fun making this remix!" Dreijer said in press materials. "I really like Rosalía and Björk's voices together. Also this is the first time I play a tamborim that I got as a gift, a small drum usually heard in samba." 

Björk's original solo version of "Oral" was first recorded sometime between 1997's Homogenic and 2001's Vespertine, only to be rediscovered years later. 

In 2019, Björk, Olof and Karin Dreijer teamed up for the Country Creatures EP, a three-song collection that re-worked Björk's "Creatures Features" and Fever Ray's "This Country." Last month, Olof Dreijer shared his Coral EP.

Check out the "Oral" remix below. 


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