Big Thief to Release Double LP Next Year

The 20-song record will reportedly feature previously-released single "Little Things"
Big Thief to Release Double LP Next Year
Photo: Josh Goleman
Big Thief have revealed that they're preparing to release a 20-song double album in 2022. 

"We accumulated so many songs that we loved, maybe about 50," singer-guitarist Adrianne Lenker told Mojo. "Twenty could be whittled down to 12, but not 50." 

The songs were recorded in four separate sessions in four different places, with each group of songs reflecting a different side of the band's sound. As guitarist Buck Meek puts it in the interview, the band "[focused] on different chunks of songs … that were stylistically, or thematically, connected. Like, we could just play country music for two weeks and not think about the rock songs."

Confirmed song titles include the previously released "Little Things," plus new songs "Blurred View," "Promise Is a Pendulum" and "Spud Infinity." The band has played "Spud Infinity" live before, and you can check out a recording of it below. 

About the upcoming album, Lenker added, "I've noticed that a lot of this record is more uplifting and hopeful. Which is funny, given the time we're in. And there's more acceptance of the self and of the while paradigm we're in. The mysteries of humanity and how it's all unfolding. I'll probably be writing about that until I die!"

Big Thief's last album was 2019's Two Hands. This year, they've released a string of singles, including "Little Things," "Sparrow," and "Certainty."

Watch Big Thief perform "Spud Infinity" below.