Big Brave

A Gaze Among Them

BY Mark TremblayPublished May 9, 2019

Montreal-based heavy band Big Brave return with their latest offering, A Gaze Among Them. While leaning toward more traditional song structures, when compared to their last two releases, Big Brave have unleashed their greatest and most accessible album to date. A Gaze Among Them takes all of the big pictures concepts that Big Brave have previously wrestled with, and have sonically moulded them into their purest form.
Robin Wattie's voice is the guide through the sonic tapestry of this album. With the band creating these droning soundscapes, Wattie's voice is usually the sole melodic element that caries these songs forward. Her tangled voice on "Body Individual" and "This Deafening Verity" bring a depth and array of emotions usually reserved for classical music.
A Gaze Among Them is a hyper-concentrated version of Big Brave. The music is egoless in a way that has all of the sonic elements cohesively pulling everything toward the same goal.
(Southern Lord)

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