Best Coast "Feeling Ok" (video)

Best Coast 'Feeling Ok' (video)
Best Coast's recent California Nights LP had leader Bethany Cosentino noting that she's "Feeling Ok." A new video suggests the secrets to her success include making super sweet smoothies, heading out on healthy bike rides and more.

The clip, premiered through Apple Music, first finds a smiling Cosentino waking up to the neon-clad sight of a vintage '80s exercise video.

This is followed with a few sips of a fruit smoothie and a bike ride to the gym, where she slips into an Olivia Newton-John-styled outfit for more activities, including a tennis match with a ball machine manned by Best Coast band member Bobb Bruno.

Though the song notes "When I get down, I get so down," Cosentino's workout is shaking the blues away, even if temporarily.

You can see the video down below.