Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI

Gnawing on the heels of 2005’s acclaimed Goatreich-Fleshcult, Austria’s "harbingers of eminent doom” have returned to lead the black-hearted cohorts towards a malevolent and oppressive destiny, no doubt taking pleasure in advancing the masses towards their sadistic future. With only two members remaining, their caustic brand of black metal hasn’t changed significantly over the course of the year and they continue to rage into the inferno with the same lightning speed that has defined their blitzkrieg tremolo attacks from the beginning. This time around the songs are slightly more complex, taking longer to absorb while always demanding another listen. They’ve ditched many of the random grooves that gave Goatreich an edge, replacing them with instrumented insurgency and calculated chaos. Barking like rabid dogs, the lyrics are delivered in three different languages while thematically exploring "The Devil, Pestilence, and the Apocalypse”. Having made the move to Nuclear Blast, Belphegor will be able to spread their brand of evil to a larger audience, remaining among few who continue to stand out as time progresses. (Nuclear Blast)