Belphegor Lucifer Incestus

Yeah dude, check out that cover artwork: nothing like a satanic orgy to get my day started. What planet do bands like this come from? And all this Latin? Give me a break. Luckily, Austria’s Belphegor kind of have the goods on Lucifer Incestus, their fourth full-length, to back up their ludicrous image. Their blasting black metal is filled with just enough atmospherics to create a mood without getting bogged down in wimpy frilly forest-land mythics or any such shite. Lots of fun blast beats and near memorable riffs make me forget the silly samples and artwork and just make me bang tje head, ‘cause there’s nothing else to do. Maybe it’s all a joke, in which case, it’s brilliant! As is, it’s good, but a little embarrassing. I mean, have fun taking this one up to the counter at the local record shop. Actually, don’t bother; about halfway through this one you’re probably going to be as bored as I am, crushed by the weight of so much monotonous black metal that even when it’s as good as Belphegor, it still isn’t good enough. (Napalm)