Battles "Dot Net" (video)

Battles 'Dot Net' (video)
Post-rock makers Battles' new La Di Da Di LP is a polyrhythmic work of art, one more than worthy to be put on display at a gallery as much as through your stereo speakers. With the former in mind, you can now hear the record's "Dot Net" scoring a stroll through a colourful, art-morphing exhibition.

Percussive backbeats and fried squelches soundtrack the chill day at the museum, where people are getting an eyeful of various framed landscapes of continuously shifting geometric patterns. Some also choose to create their own pieces while furiously fingering at an iPad, while others likewise get a show via a brick-layering watch app. That's not all we see, though, as at one point it looks like one of the works portrays a crudely illustrated, nunchuk-swingin' robot. But beauty, we may remind you, is in the eye of the beholder.

You can appreciate the visuals down below.