Barenaked Ladies and Rush's Geddy Lee Are Working on a "Super-Secret" Project

Ed Robertson says Lee is "somewhere between my surrogate father and imaginary big brother"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 9, 2021

Months after Alex Lifeson detailed his post-Rush project Envy of None, it's been revealed that friend and bandmate Geddy Lee is at work with the Barenaked Ladies on a "secret" new project.

News of the CanCon collab arrives via BNL's Ed Robertson, who shared with Classic Rock magazine that when it comes to his relationship with Rush's bassist and vocalist, they're practically family.

"Geddy is somewhere between my surrogate father and imaginary big brother," Robertson told the magazine. "I love him so much. I was in the studio with him yesterday for a super-secret project that I can't talk about."

The reverence that Barenaked Ladies have held for Rush has been evident since they worked a pair of the power trio's songs into "Grade 9" on 1992's Gordon. What this new musical partnership could sound like is truly anyone's guess.

Robertson told Classic Rock, "When we were inducted into the [Canadian Music Hall of Fame] in 2018, they said: 'Give us a list of who you want to do the induction.' We said: 'Geddy is number one, two and three.'"

Robertson also noted that Lee played a role in the making of BNL's latest album, Detour De Force, by lending the group his prized Moog Taurus foot pedal synthesizer.

"When it came time to make this record, we discussed using Taurus pedals, and were like: 'Where are we going to find those?' Jim [Creeggan, bass] said: 'Could we ask Geddy?' 

"It wasn't just another instrument laying around in the studio. 'There's my guitar, there's Jim's bass and there's Geddy's Taurus pedals.' They're like sacred objects [laughs]."

Robertson recently reflected on making smash hit "One Week," which is also among Exclaim!'s 27 Best Songs About Toronto.

Lee and Lifeson, meanwhile, recently launched a Rush beer with Toronto's Henderson Brewing.

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