August Burns Red 'Found in Far Away Places' (album stream)

August Burns Red 'Found in Far Away Places' (album stream)
The new album from Pennsylvania metalcore combo August Burns Red is called Found in Far Away Places, but contrary to the title, you don't need to go to far away places to find it. Rather, you can find the premiere right here at Exclaim!, and it's available right now.

In a statement, guitarist JB Brubaker said, "This is my favourite ABR record and I'm so glad we finally get to share it with everyone."

As expected, Found in Far Away Places is punishingly heavy, as opener "The Wake" explodes out of the gate with jackhammer drums and blast of explosive mega-riffs and bone-chilling death growls. The album isn't all pedal-to-the-metalcore, however — songs like "Identity" and "Ghosts" take a more melodic approach to metal, and numerous tracks have genre-jumping instrumental breaks (that touch on everything from pseudo-medieval folk to twangy country to atmospheric jangling). But despite the stylistic adventurousness, August Burns Red always return back to punishing metalcore.

Hear Found in Far Away Places below. It officially drops on June 29 on Fearless Records. You can pre-order it on iTunes here.

The band are touring North America this summer with the Vans Warped Tour. See their schedule here.