Anyway Gang Drop "Out of Nowhere," Tease Canadian Tour Announcement

The group will map out their first batch of shows since the pandemic on March 11

Photo: Calm Elliott-Armstrong

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 2, 2022

CanRock supergroup Anyway Gang are back with another helping of tunes from an upcoming body of work first teased back in summer 2021. After sharing "Alternate View" earlier this year, the group — led by Sloan's Chris Murphy, Hollerado's Menno Versteeg, Tokyo Police Club's Dave Monks and Sam Roberts — are back with "Out of Nowhere."

The track arrives courtesy of Royal Mountain Records alongside a new music video by John Smith. Here's what the band had to say about the song's inception:

As artists often are, Sam was somewhat unable to put a finger on the moment of divine inspiration behind the song "Out of Nowhere." The evil record label, never satisfied with anything really, sent Sam deep into the badlands of Alberta with a handful of Peyote and instructions to "Don't bother coming back unless you have some god damn answers for our Department of Creative Metrics!!!!"

Months later Sam returned with the following carved into his forearm: "Track Synopsis: 'Knives out! The Kings and Queens are face down in their plates of wild boar and sleeping pills. Out from the shadows, the squires and knaves creep with blunt kitchen knives...are they out for blood? the throne? or just a quick taste from the old Master's table...."

This latest release marks another entry in the band's follow-up material to their 2019 self-titled debut.

Anyway Gang have promised news of upcoming Canadian tour dates on March 11. As per a release, "To celebrate [their new material] they will be doing a Canadian tour in May, and because they now have more than 8 songs to choose from, they won't have to play "Big Night" twice like they did at the first show. (They might anyway, but they don't have to)."

Until then, sit tight and soak up the psychedelic new music video from the band below.

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