Andy Shauf's Foxwarren Shares "To Be" Video

The track comes from the group's recently released debut album
Andy Shauf's Foxwarren Shares 'To Be' Video
Andy Shauf's full-band project Foxwarren just released their self-titled debut album, and they are showing it off a bit with a new video for its "To Be."

The clip was captured on 16 mm film and features characters who appear all alone in some expansive spaces. 

"Sometimes the simplest ideas are the hardest to execute," explained video directors Ft. Langley in a statement. "Our concept for 'To Be' – featuring tryptic of introspective portraits – came together at the 11th hour, despite having been originally written a year and a half ago. Locations fell through, actors dropped out, gear malfunctioned; what could go wrong did go wrong. Yet the final film manages to reflect, in its own scrappy way, the heartbreaking loneliness of Foxwarren's song, despite breaking our own hearts a little along the way."

You can watch the video for "To Be" below.

Foxwarren is out now via Arts & Crafts/Anti-.