The Ship & Anchor, Calgary AB, June 20

Photo: Steve Louie

BY Jason SchreursPublished Jun 21, 2014

Despite the last-minute cancellation of San Francisco tour-mates Black Cobra, who were turned away at the border, Vancouver's Anciients took the Sled Island slogan "Nobody rains on our parade" to heart and pummelled their way through a thick set of prog-infused heaviness. Similar to Atlanta, Georgia metal monsters Mastodon in tone and style, the four-piece lay waste to Calgary bar The Ship & Anchor's cozy dance floor turned mosh pit.

As three burly bouncers defended the outskirts of the pit, Anciients piled layers and layers of caveman chest-pounding and circular guitar licks onto the Friday night metal warriors in attendance. Digging deep from material off their latest album, 2013's Heart of Oak, Anciients ended up playing a brand new song for their encore, which had more of a stutter-step, punked-out feel than their other material. There wasn't a complaint in the house though, as the band did some serious aural damage during their impressive set.

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