Anamai Vogue Theatre, Sackville NB, August 1

Anamai Vogue Theatre, Sackville NB, August 1
Photo: Stephen McGill
In an early Saturday evening slot with a full hot sun outside of the sleepy Vogue Theatre, Anamai fittingly started by politely asking for the room to be darker. With lights dimmed and outside doors closed, layers of noise washed over the crowd, some of whom had found the wrong place for an attempted mid-festival nap.

Often described as an experimental folk duo, Anamai became a trio on stage and any semblance of folk, aside from the quiet layered vocals, became much louder and more distorted than their debut album, Sallows. The performance, which creeped into the entirety of the theatre like a fog, was balanced between relaxing, tender, and aggressive. The tense and flowing atmosphere was consistent and only paused to allow for brief applause and thank-yous.

Leading into the similarly experimental, if, however, more rocking and loud, SappyFest regulars Moonsocket and Construction & Deconstruction, the whole evening was a welcome but uncommon sonic barrage.