Alexisonfire Unveil Streamlined 2nd Edition of Vinyl Box Set

Alexisonfire Unveil Streamlined 2nd Edition of Vinyl Box Set
Alexisonfire have let loose the details behind the previously hinted-at second pressing of their long-gone vinyl box set, with the latest version set to appear in streamlined form sometime this August.

A press release notes that this next pressing is a bit different than the first edition, focusing primarily on the band's full-length efforts. The box includes double-LP pressings of 2002's Alexisonfire, 2004's Watch Out!, 2006's Crisis and 2009's Old Crows/Young Cardinals, as well as the Dog's Blood EP. What it won't feature are the Switcheroo split release with Moneen, Death Letter, the Math Sheets 10-inch, or the tour exclusive 7-inches.

The modified package also comes with an exclusive slipmat, digital downloads and will cost much less than the original box because of the trimmer vinyl offerings. It is now priced at $120. Additionally, all of the band's albums will be available on their own this summer, and the physical box will also be up for grabs if you already have all of these releases.

"The first press will remain nice and rare and special for all the psychopaths who got up early on Christmas Day to buy it; in all sincerity, that was amazing and we love you for that," vocalist George Pettit said in a statement. "So this is a good way to get all the AOF LP's in one shot but lets say you hate Dog's Blood or Crisis (pfft, we all know you love Crisis. Clearly the best AOF record…) and you don't want them…you're in luck because all of our albums will be pressed individually and sold a la carte."

Pre-orders for the second-press box set are up now at Alexisonfire's website, Dine Alone Records and New Damage Records.

In related news, Pettit recently teased an upcoming project called Dead Tired, though all the details behind his new band have yet to be revealed.