Akira Ifukube's Original 'Godzilla' Score Gets Reissue Treatment from Death Waltz

Akira Ifukube's Original 'Godzilla' Score Gets Reissue Treatment from Death Waltz
Though kaiju-loving cinemagoers are currently getting an eyeful of the new, perhaps slightly overweight Godzilla on the silver screen, Death Waltz Recording Company is getting ready to celebrate the scaly giant's roots via a reissue of Akira Ifukube's score to the original 1954 flick.

The label reports that it will be bringing the entirety of Ifukube's score onto vinyl for the very first time, with the wax platter set to hit stores July 31. A press release explains that while the 22-track set features the "jaunty riff" that serves as Godzilla's theme early on, much of Ifukube's work "is intense, dark, and reflects [director] Ishiro Honda's film as a pure horror film." This is done via the use of "pounding brass and mournful strings."

Two versions of the vinyl soundtrack will be made available. The standard edition is being pressed onto green vinyl, which will be housed in a regular single pocket sleeve, along with a poster. A deluxe edition comes on "Atomic Breath"-coloured vinyl, and will be housed in a gatefold jacket that includes a full colour booklet and liner notes by Japanese cinephile Jasper Sharpe and Film On Wax editor Charlie Bridgen. Both feature exclusive art from Cheung Chung Tat, and you can see the cover art above.

Both versions of the LP will be pressed in limited runs of 400 copies, with pre-orders set to take place "at a random time" through the Death Waltz site on June 21.

Via Empire Magazine, you can stream the entire soundtrack below.


1. Godzilla Approaches
2. Godzilla Main Title
3. Medley/ Ship Music / Sinking Of Eikou – Maru
4. Sinking Of Bingou Maru
5. Anxieties On Ootojima Island
6. Ootojima Temple Festival
7. Stormy Ootojima Island
8. Theme For Ootojima Island
9. Japanese Army March I
10. Horror Of The Water Tank
11. Godzilla Comes Ashore
12. Godzilla's Rampage
13. Desperate Broadcast
14. Godzilla Comes To Tokyo Bay
15. Intercept Godzilla
16. Tragic Sight Of The Imperial Capital
17. Oxygen Destroyer
18. Prayer For Peace
19. Japanese Army March II
20. Godzilla At The Ocean Floor
21. Ending
22. Secret Hidden Track