​Slow Down Molasses

TD Mainstage, Saskatoon, SK, June 26

Photo: Alexandria Pavelich

BY Rory MacLeanPublished Jun 27, 2015

"I don't usually start bleeding until the end of the set," quipped guitarist Levi Soulodre, after cutting himself while thrashing through the opener "Burnt Black Cars," the title track from Slow Down Molasses's new album, released in May.

They came out blazing on the opener, and front man Tyson McShane nearly lost his guitar, with the strap coming unhooked right as the song began to build. His recovery was flawless, though; he clutched the guitar close to his body like a worried parent, without missing a beat.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeanette Stewart shone on her composition, "Stay Still," as her high, spacey voice was anchored by the steady thumping bass line.

Slow Down Molasses deftly mixed grit with beauty, as pretty, soaring melodies juxtaposed with thrashing and distorted guitars. Still early in the night, the Gardens were just beginning to fill, but the audience was transfixed. This band can capture people's attention, whether in a small club or on a big festival stage. 

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