​Coeur de pirate, the Libertines and Our Annual Hangout Handbook Fill Exclaim!'s September Issue

​Coeur de pirate, the Libertines and Our Annual Hangout Handbook Fill Exclaim!'s September Issue
As summer comes to an end, our September issue reflects on the final offerings from the sunshine-y season and looks forward to what autumn has to offer: namely, music from the likes of the Libertines, Coeur de pirate, Beach House, Carly Rae Jepsen, FIDLAR and many others. And, of course, we've once again included our annual Hangout Handbook to help you discover the great places to eat, drink and hear music in cities across Canada.
While some of this material is online, many of these features are exclusive to the print edition of Exclaim! magazine, so pick up a copy at your local shop, bar or street box to see what the month has in store.
"The secret places in Canadian cities are known only to neighbours — the ones who walk these streets and befriend proprietors of tiny bars, gourmet sandwich shops and record stores," reads the intro 2015 edition of the Hangout Handbook. "Who better to ask than the talents who often honour these in song?" With that in mind, the pullout feature in our September issue contains interviews with artists about their favourite spots to spend time in their respective Canadian cities. We share secrets from Moka Only (Vancouver), Astral Swans (Calgary), Romi Mayes (Winnipeg), the Strumbellas (Peterborough), Jazz Cartier (Toronto) and many other home-grown talents in this year's edition; grab an issue to find out where your favourite artists go to eat, drink, shop, workout and just relax. 
The cover of this issue of Exclaim! went to Béatrice Martin, better known by her moniker Coeur de pirate. On new album Roses, the 25-year-old piano-pop star offers a set of her most visceral and vulnerable songs to date, as she reminiscences about moments of depression and isolation and her attempts to find peace amid adversity. "I remember being very alone, and very sad. Which is normal when you're alone in this," Martin divulges to Exclaim!, "but I do feel better." Read the full story in the magazine and online here.
The Libertines have once again set the good ship Albion on course; their forthcoming reunion album, Anthems for a Doomed Youth, is set for release on September 11, and in honour of their triumphant return, we've charted their erratic course over the last decade in our regular Timeline feature. From their early ambitions to resurrect a romanticized Britain to the drug use that ultimately tore Pete Doherty and Carl Barat apart, we take an in-depth look at the band's highs and lows. Pick up an issue to read the full story of the rise, fall and return of the UK legends.
This edition of Music School explores James Shaw's (Metric) Giant Studio, where he has been producing his band's forthcoming Pagans in Vegas, due on September 18. The facility holds battalions of rare synthesizers, a Hammond organ and, according Shaw, a supernatural guest. Our latest Questionnaire, meanwhile, features Canadian pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen, who returned this month with E•MO•TION, the follow-up to 2012's "Call Me Maybe"-featuring Kiss. In it, Jepsen opens up about her inspirations, fears and indulgences, not to mention her roots in Vancouver's open mic night scene.
In our in-depth FIDLAR interview, frontman Zac Carper discusses the overdose scares and other health complications that led him to a substance-free life. "I'm learning more how to cope with life," he shares. "It got really bad... but compared to who I was, it's a fucking miracle I'm alive." You'll also find features on Canada's beloved children's performer Fred Penner, who shares stories about his formidable legacy and the love he continues to receive from his fans, while Beach House's Alex Scally tells Exclaim! that the duo were committed to creating honest, natural art on their fifth studio album, Depression Cherry, which will arrive on August 28 through Sub Pop Records. 
Of course, there's plenty more: our September issue also features interviews with Lindi Ortega, Defeater, Helena Hauff, K-os, Elaquent, Katie Moore, Slim Twig, Destroyer and Against Me!, whose frontwoman Laura Jane Grace says of the band's new live LP that, "That's what the shows are like: there are bodies flying over the barricade, smashing into the monitor, knocking the mic stand down, people jumping up... that was what was important to me to capture."
In addition to the exclusive interviews and Hangout Handbook tip-offs offered by September's issue, you'll find the usual onslaught of reviews and features; head to your favourite local spot to pick up your copy today.