Tom Hanks Was Jeff Bezos's First Pick for Spaceflight Offered to William Shatner

The actor declined the invite due to the trip's $28 million ticket

BY Allie GregoryPublished Nov 3, 2021

Last month, William Shatner made history as the oldest — and crankiest — person to ever travel to space. Though according to Tom Hanks, Shatner was not Jeff Bezos's first pick for the record-breaking Blue Origin trip.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, a very energetic Hanks revealed that he was offered the ticket aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard before Shatner — only with a very expensive caveat attached to the invite.

"Well, yeah, provided I pay," Hanks confirmed to Kimmel. "I'm doing good, Jimmy, but I ain't paying 28 [million] bucks to go to space. It's a twelve-minute flight!"

The actor went on to vigorously simulate the physical aspects of spaceflight for the audience, thrashing around in his chair and likening the experience to what appears to be a full-body seizure before performing weightlessness as best as he could conjure in Earth's gravity.

Hanks' Kimmel appearance coincides with the press circuit for his upcoming film Finch — arriving Friday (November 5) — wherein he plays the titular post-apocalyptic last man standing, who (coincidentally) builds a robot named Jeff to take care of his dog after his death. Read Exclaim!'s 5/10 review.

Watch the interview below.

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