TikTok Presents 'Mean Girls' as It Was Always Meant to Be Viewed: 23 Individual Clips on Your Phone

In celebration of October 3, Paramount has uploaded the entire movie to TikTok in separate segments

BY Kaelen BellPublished Oct 3, 2023

Have you ever found yourself watching Mean Girls and thinking, "Why isn't this movie chopped into 23 individual clips that I can watch at my leisure? Why must cinema be such a punishing slog?" 

Well, Paramount and TikTok have you covered — in celebration of October 3 (otherwise known as Mean Girls day), the studio has uploaded the entirety of Mean Girls to TikTok in separate clips, with segments ranging from 45 seconds to over nine minutes. This is probably the way director Mark Waters and writer Tina Fey wanted their movie to be watched all along, so congratulations to everyone involved!

You can head to the official Mean Girls TikTok page and watch the big burn book reveal scene, or jump back a bit and watch the "Jingle Bell Rock" performance, though that one's been split into a two-parter, so it's way more of a commitment. Perhaps most exciting of all is Part 23, in which you can watch the credits silently roll for three minutes and 34 seconds. 

Check that one out below — shoutout to supervising sound editors Beth Sterner and Chuck Michael, and iconic transportation captain Stuart Mitchell!
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